<N.B. The audio differs from the text slightly>

Let's start with this word
I don't like it
It makes me uneasy
I think of New Age hippies
Crystals and gems
Incense sticks and feathers
Dreams of tribes in Africa
And gurus in India
I kinda like Jesus
And the Buddha
Made a lot of sense
God is a nice idea too
Perhaps not 
A guy in the sky
But a divine force
That permeates all things
That can make sense of
Eternity and the infinite
That can untangle
My mind
Carry me
Through traumas
And heal
All wounds
While always
Ensuring I'm grateful
And trusting
A God that grants
The gift of prayer
And love
Love in its truest form
Not some magnetism
Exclusive to 
Romantic couples
But goodness that
Produces more goodness
Goodness that
Doubles every time 
It is experienced
A love that
Comes from nothing
Yet is in 
This idea
I like