Aryo B. Feldman

I am a researcher, writer and lazy activist. My poems push an ideology of slowing down time, the body as the place of meaning-making, isolating consciousness, love as the immanent divine, prioritising mental health, and being heard loudly.

My research is continuously deconstructing (without an eye for reaching any real conclusions) both human-nature relations, especially using food as a mediator, and the politics of knowledge generation, particularly in terms of silenced voices. I refer to myself as transdisciplinary, having spent eight years working in Asia and Africa in the field of international agriculture, including as a project manager; conducting three years of socially-conscious research in Europe, crucially as an anthropologist; and straddling the intersections between art, science, and the heady richness of the everyday. 

I would love to hear from you. If there was anything in my writing that you connected with; or if there was something that you really did not like; or anything! Responses, feedback and interaction are very dear to me. Just hit the email icon below. You can also connect to my social media just below that. Hope to hear from you xoxo



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