O sim, sim, sim
O, não,não,não

Have you ever watched a game of Capoeira?
Watched how we can play like we’re new to the world
Yet somehow wise in our movements
Watch how one limb
Reveals where the other one is going
Before it knows where it’s going
Watch how space becomes the object of play
It’s passed around, bounced up and down, twisted and spun, made to do tricks
Space is always ahead of time in Capoeira
Time tries to catch up but instead gets locked in a rhythm

When I think of Capoeira
I think about the way we tickle each other
About two ticklers that meet each other
Two ticklers that start to tickle each other
One tries to out-tickle the other
Test its limits, when it’s been tickled a tickle too much
Two ticklers that merge, melt and lose themselves
Two ticklers that tickle each other so much
That they lose their tickles
They both give in to the eternal tickle

Capoeira blesses us with the eternal tickle, the sacred rhythm
Capoeira grounds us with roots, lifts us with wind and moves us with water
Capoeira makes us seek guidance from others
While forcing us to drop wisdom for others to follow
We are always in relation in Capoeira
Always in the process of becoming
Without ever getting there
There is too much movement
To ever just be

So - we need to be flexible, stretched out, shrunk down, built up, dismissed and embraced
This is why Capoeira is both life and a celebration of life