My skin gives away

A history
My skin gives away my shame
My voice gives away
A history
My voice gives away my shame
My surname gives away
A history 
My surname gives away my shame

And yet…
And yet I’ve right now
Just decided
To have no history
No shame
No guilt
I step up to this world
With a view that it could be so much better
With hope
And I give myself that right
I speak these words in front of you
And I want to and I can
With no fear

I am loud
To allow
My self to be known
For my name to be exchanged between others
Between you
To be gossiped
For me to be
By reputation
I let this happen
I allow it
Because I feel free
And everything I do, I say, I move, I share, I love, I play, I pray, I nurture, I grow, I cook, I consume, I touch, I radiate, I absorb, I trip over, I stumble upon, I get my heart broken over, I destroy, I discover, I understand, I overestimate, I blame, I fear, I feel...
All of it
It is all done to exercise - and - activate my freedom
And in so doing, it increases this freedom

It is this very freedom that lets me inside a society
That pushes me outside of it
Society is where I shake and tremble
Society is where I am a whipping boy, the black sheep, the outsider  
Society alienates me, society spits on me
Society is where I want to pour my love
Society is where I push to be recognised, admired, adored
I am pushing for society to support me, for society to nourish me

And now…
And now I’m trying not to be the past
My inherited history
I’m trying to be present
I’m trying to stretch and play with time
So that the future will arrive more slowly
Giving me space for my intuition, consciousness and intention
To be more prepared
So that I can express better
My love for society
So that I can be
Even more free