My corona

With so much uncertainty about the future
Do we now give more value and care for the present?
Can we see the magic in the moment?
The explosion in the minor details
The spectacular in the everyday

Can we admit that we got it wrong?
Not that we live in a bad way
Not necessarily worse than the alternative
Because of course how could we know otherwise
Even if we’ve granted ourselves the right and ability to determine what is bad or worse
But more importantly
We cannot admit that we got it wrong
Because we ask the wrong questions
In the gap left by not really questioning anything
And so we create the wrong problems
Because they come with their own solutions
We got it wrong because we don’t have real problems
Problems that are merely and fully problems

I listen to Debussy's Clair de Lune
It tells me about softness and the magic in the mundane
The complexity in the simple
Everywhere there are firework explosions of light and colour and sound
If only we pay attention

I sit with a job application on my screen
I am working towards getting an established career
But the present moment cuts in like a blunt knife
And with all the hand washing, quarantined isolation and social distancing
Cleaning up these rough intrusions
Becomes a labour too much
Even writing these words
Takes me further from the future
That I had been imagining

I am all for adaptation
I am all for disruptive transformation
I am all for reconfiguring the global political system
But how do we create unity when we're locked away in our houses?
How do we formulate justice when employers can let go of their workers over Skype?
How do we build trust when we have to pretend we no longer sneeze in public?
How do we move in a new way of being when shopping is considered an essential activity?
(And don't get me wrong, we can't survive without it, but doesn't that tell us so much?)
And how are we a society when we understand the marginalisation of female care workers through critiques of scholars sent through internet media channels?
How are we of this Earth if we can no longer touch each other?
We have become digital angels
And the world wide web has become our heavenly plain