L'amour looks something like Kate's bush

Ya know, when I notice, she has this vulnerability
It kinda softens the tone of her voice
Oo and when she's not tired or hungover
It's almost like she's a wild cat catching their prey
I swear she seeks, summons and seduces
She even moves like a leopard in heat
There she goes, pouncing, prancing, romancing, ballet dancing

A soft smile lands on her face
In the moon's caressing glow
And she’s just there waiting, watching in intent interest
Oblivious to the plotline, she focuses on the finger that points
She doesn't speak a language
With signs and symbols that stand for something else
Instead she shakes and shimmers and sprays essence
While I stand frozen, soaked to the bone

The world is a beautiful place
When Kate ignores the door,
Climbs up in my window
To slumber in my boudoir
Kate is my Cathy on the windy moor at night
Kate is my Cathy with kisses that taste like wine