Kisses like arrows

You know, she - she - was the one
That kissed me first, alright
Her kisses were like arrows
Or perhaps they were like daggers
Anyway, whether they were arrows or daggers
She was way off target

She was also the one that smashed the wine glass we bought together
Alright, to be fair, she was very sorry for this fit of passion

This summed her up I feel
In fact, this summed us up
I, the broken glass
Accidentally knocked off the table
She, still herself
Genuinely sorry
And our relationship, the leg spasm
An ecstatic, destructive reaction

Yet, the first night she slept over
She clung on like an orangutan from a branch
It was ridiculous - and sweet
She told me things that are too personal to share in front of an audience
Ridiculous and sweet

But the next day, on a coffee break
She made the claim that it shouldn't have taken place
"What do you mean?" I asked
"It was nice and fun"
Being together was nice and fun

But little did I know
That even by then a seed had been sown
In me
No, that's not right, it was a fully grown tree
Covered up by structures of concrete
A fortress to be released, piece by piece

OK no, you were not the one to do this
You were too ambiguous
And distracted
No way, not me, wouldn't dare to demolish
I was just as ambiguous and distracted

Instead, the wall tumbled down on its own,
Having stood so strong so long
But still

I took the surrenders, the puddles, the moans, as a victory
And still, I mistook the arrows, your dagger lips, your kisses as not for me
And still, I think you're sweet beneath the indifference
And still, here I am, uttering romantic nonsense