I woke up with Louise on my lips

She guides the light that shines 
On our universiteit 
The queen, the star, all mine
A medusa, at whom, I dare not peek
All these words, to her, I dare not speak

I can almost hear her tell me about her life
"Oh, I was just a little girl with dreams
Of India and Africa, of Rio and Calcutta
Places so far away but close to my heart
I so want to help them
I know they want me to help them"

She's always, always right you know
She'd be a superman - suited for no man
She'd be Athena,
The virgin goddess;
My split personality seductress
Making food holy again
Making - us - believe - again

I imagine her at home,
Drinking fine wine and swallowing oysters
I imagine her with a pet cat,
Nay, a tortoise

A tortoise wouldn't bother her
With the attention, the admiration, the endless questions
That the world demands of her
That, in fact, I would have for her

But - if I was that tortoise
Chewing on my lettuce
Delightfully tasting her fingertips
That feeds the leaves to my lips
Tasting 100 years of WUR and those fantastic
Glossy pages of the National Geographic
With a side serving of PPPs, SDGs and the UNEP (mmm) 
Sustainability would never taste - so sweet!