I didn't see you coming

Is my body my possession?
Do I own it?
I can't hit your car with my body
But you can?
You can throw my body against the car door
That's OK right?

You throw me face first
So I know what I'm hitting
You keep my hands behind my back
So my body is in your control
So my body has become your body
So it’s not my body against the car
It belongs to you
It is not even mine to give

You let me go
After you go through my pockets
To pick out my driving license
Two teeny tiny letters

U and K
Make you let go of my wrists
And stop pushing my brown face against the car door
Little did I know
That two letters could have such a stronghold over your uniform
Little did I know
That a blue flag with yellow stars meant that we were in this together
That we were family after all
A simple misunderstanding
Just as I thought
My body was mine
You just needed two letters
Before I had it returned