Everything depends upon

How closely you sleep beside me
The slightest movement of your back
Is like moving a mountain
Tectonic tremors
Molten magma
Spills out as lava
Rivers of fire
Flow between us
No way to cross
Not even time can pass
All memory is lost
As the moment gets stuck

I watch the luxurious slope of the side of your neck
Imagine rolling down it face first as its softness consumes me
Until the pillow of your shoulder mounts my mouth
Leaving me paralysed in the hollow of your collarbone

Your breath is deathly silent
Refusing any sign or signal
For me to reach out across the abyss
Frozen, I forget that my fingers
Can move on their own

My tiny heart races
My eyes blur
My skin tenses
My mouth dries
My stomach drops
I become dizzy
Silently terrified
And silently alive