She stands in the doorway, eyes squint and her tongue presses against bottom teeth. “Well?”

I look down at my shoes, step back and lean against the stucco wall. “It’s probably not a good idea.”

“Of course it’s not,” she motions her pelvis towards me, “but that’s the point.”

I check around the corner. I take her hand in mine and lead her down a lonely corridor. Our eyes meet in the dark with only a flash of sin lighting the way to each other’s lips. Her back folds as if by design in the nook of my elbow. I almost collapse, only keeping balance by propping my hand against the organ.

Footsteps echo below us. Her breaths have a dialogue with mine, reassuring each other that we know what we’re doing.

I stumble at the zip of her 501s and pull down her red underwear in a fist. She lets out a muted sigh when I touch her. A chalice being placed on an altar interferes with the relief of being wholly devoured.

Holly whispers incoherently like when we were jogging along the beach with the tide teasing our feet. She tells me my name and commands me not to stop.

I almost hesitate but it’s too late. I can’t avoid her even behind closed lids. Her apple scented hair covers my face. The warmth of her face feels protective. Her knees grip onto my ribs.

Two voices below are in discussion. The plank of wood against my back is reassuring. It stops me feeling like I’m falling down. My limbs are stretched wide. Her hair whips me as she rocks on top. She stops herself being heard by the shuffling feet below by mounting her mouth on my shoulder.

Holly offsaddles herself and shimmies down. She drinks me in and my head swims. With my fingers in her hair, I hold onto her scalp. Dizzy, I look left and right for something to anchor myself. I remember the gaze I stole from her when we had pizza with our friends. We’ve been spending so much time together lately, even if it’s under the pretence of studying. Neither of us is out so I guess nobody would have worked out what was up. Hell, I didn’t know what was up until thirty minutes ago.

I pull up her chin and silently communicate that there’s no more to give. With unknitted eyebrows, Holly comes up and nuzzles her face on the side of my neck.