Be a picker (Ode to Droef)

Pick a leaf of basil
Pick a leaf of rucola
Pick tomatoes
Pick a chili pepper
Pick potatoes
Be a picker
Be picky
Pick me
Not them
I'm special
Somehow different
Somehow unique
Somehow better
Wait - what do you really think of me?
How come I never ask this?

They smiled as I walked in
They will always be them
They were just as they were
They made love everyday
They played in every way
Their hair was the sun
Their fingers were the grass
Their feet was the soil

The tree is a shrine
University has times
Becomes delaying
Becomes staying
I could stay here
I could play here
Live here
Date here
Create here
Dream here
Dream to be a picker
Dream to pick this place
To pick these pretty faces
And to always be picked
Dream to be picked

Why don't you pick me and not them?
Pick me, not them
Go on, pick me, not them
Pick me for the
Endless dinners - so indulgent
That we become lovers over food
Pick me for the
Parties where - we dance so much
The sun is the one that sends us to bed
Pick me for the
Flexitarian friendships
And the revolving relationships
Pick me to share feelings and oven trays
Pick me to share clothes and genders

Hey, do you know Kristina?
Yeah she's a DJ
Yeah but everyone here is a DJ
Everyone here climbs
Everyone teaches yoga
Everyone is the fire girl
We are all one - cliché

A village basically
Where we all pick each other so easily
That it's all too much really
So come visit me
We can have a tea